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Came across this rather hilarious blooper today. I’m being honest, I just started laughing out aloud when I noticed this while working. This blooper is about a completely incorrect use of tabs. Read along.

We all have seen dialogs such as the one below, when editing web pages either in a CMS or in a wiki. Pretty standard stuff Рyou specify the number of rows and columns and hit Insert to insert a table in your page. If you need to customize your generated table, just go to Advanced tab and put in the additional options. On the face of it, looks like a really well designed UI. Most of the users will only want simple tables, so the advanced tab hides all the complexity of additional options for most of the users, while offering it by request for the selective power users who might need them.

Until you notice that the Advanced tab is in no way connected to the Simple tab. The Advanced tab generates a completely different type of table. In other words – either create a simple table OR an advanced table.

This is so bad. The tabs don’t convey the EITHER-OR relationship in any way and depending on which tab you have active when you press the Insert¬†button, you might get a simple table or an advanced table (an advanced table has different styling too by default).