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Finally. Back for good.


A lot has been going on on life, to say the least, but this nugget needed to be put here. As it is, I don’t respond to such survey requests that I get in my mail, but here the motivation is even less when the mail starts out with a nice little – Dear %%first_name%!



While not the best post ever, this is certainly a cool one. WordPress just enabled phoning your blog! Yay!

Let us look at this (you can click on the image to view in it’s original size):

This screen is shown as part of joining a new meeting in WebEx. What is the wrong here? Not much actually, but here goes.

The intent of this UI screen is to ask the user if he wants to change the preferences for the meeting he/she is about to join. It shows the current values, and there is even a nice little check box to remember the values for future meetings. But look where the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ buttons are. You could drive a truck through that empty space between the buttons and the text! The buttons and the text are related, yet spaced so far apart. Ideally, they should have been on the same side of the text.

The zoomed out image above gives you a good idea of the problem. Which part of the image catches your attention when you see it? I bet it’s the left part (if you say both right and left, I think you areĀ  one who is afraid of Kryptonite). It’s only after you read the text that you realize that you have to take an action – i.e. choose to accept the current settings or override them, and immediately, your eyeballs start the search for a button (or a hyperlink) or some control to initiate the action (and for the first 1/10th of a second, you would not find it). Not to mention the workout involved in dragging my mouse all the way from the left of the screen to the right for one click.

A twitter like post this time.

I came across a very nice blog post on Progress Trackers in Web Design. You can read it here. The examples there really made me understand how easy it is to confuse Progress Trackers with Bread Crumbs. Definitely worth a read.