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Category Archives: Personal

  1. Buy a $130 pair of Ray Ban sunglasses
  2. Use them, rave about them for 2 months
  3. Show your stupidity by holding them with your lips while clicking your wife’s photo, and open your mouth to shout posing instructions so that the sun glasses fall to the ground and get a scratch which would put a tiger’s paws to shame.
  4. Hunt for the receipt. Fret over not finding it. Blame the world, curse your fate. Roll with agony.
  5. Let your wife find it for you (and make your hear this fact for eternity).
  6. Get your scratched sun glasses exchanged for free from Ray Ban 🙂
  7. Goto step 2. 🙂

One of the most innovative usage of GTalk to date has been as an ice breaker when me and my wife were sitting, poring into our notebooks, ignoring each other, after a petty quarrel. I wasn’t talking to her, and she wasn’t talking to me. So, there, I opened up GTalk, sent her a "hi" and we started chatting on GTalk, sitting almost next to each other. And what do you know! A smile appeared on her highness’ face in a matter of minutes.

I love technology 🙂