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Monthly Archives: October 2009

I wanted to embed a font in my JavaFX application. Sure enough, the first Google result led to the answer ( But the result is not something that I liked. It worked programmatically, but visually I was disappointed:

Here is the same text using the same font in Photoshop.

I like the second one. The JavaFX rendering does not stay true to the intended look of the font, and for my eyes, has a smudgy look to it (then again, I am no fonts expert). If you are using such a font in many places in your application, this difference between the photoshop mockup and the actual application starts getting to your eyes.

Maybe I am missing some trick or maybe the font rendering is indeed like this on JavaFX. But if this is the way JavaFX renders fonts, I am a tad disappointed for now. Maybe things will improve in upcoming versions.


This one is straight out of the “don’t do this” examples. Buxfer is a website that helps you manage your finances. It was pretty good till Mint blew me away. So today, I decided to delete my account data on Buxfer, which is when I got this nugget (below):

Now what is the problem? Neither of the options is selected by default. One could argue that the choice is left to the user since this is an irreversible action. But then why is the submit button enabled? I promptly clicked it and got this:

Woah! Now there is no way to go back to the previous screen! I have to go to the accounts page and again press delete, and must not forget to select a Yes or No option. Not good.

Have a look at this:

I hope you caught sight of the page title. I did not know that interest rates for fixed deposits (CDs as they are called in USA) should be called ‘Normalized Templates for Word 97’. 🙂 It’s a minor blooper but speaks of a lack of professionalism. Also, it’s a no brainer that this page has been generated by exporting some word document to HTML. However, a look at the page’s source (by pressing CTRL+U in Firefox) was even more astonishing:

It’s OpenOffice! I would have thought a bank like ICICI would have a pretty sophisticated way of generating and managing their web site content. Seems not.