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I found another possible blooper. This time, it is the case of unclear feedback. It so happens that I wanted to follow CNN dot com live on twitter using Nambu. I got the following dialog box.

Fair enough. But after hitting Follow, I wasn’t told anything. Apparently, the status bar at the bottom did show the status of the action:

Now it can be argued that this feedback is good enough. But I have the following problems with this feedback through the status bar:

  1. It is blending into the background. A green color or any other contrasting color should have made it clear to me. Alternatively, I have seen NetBeans employ a balloon to do similar things. It gives the user enough feedback when the action completed (image below).
  2. The "Done" message hardly conveys anything. What was done? A message like "Successfully following cnndotcomlive" or something similar would have been better.

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