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I am a big Ubuntu fan, and always feel a bit sad when I have to upload my new and noteworthy screenshots next to the swanky and sleek screenshots of people on a Mac on the NetBeans wiki (look at the Spring framwork support section here).

However after some digging around I finally got a font combination that looks pretty neat to my eyes. Here’s a screenshot with the default font in NetBeans 6.1 running on Ubuntu 8.04:

And here’s after I changed the font to Bitstream Vera Sans Mono 12 pt:

The second one is much better for my eyes (atleast). Any other good combinations out there folks?

Font Settings:



  1. Any linux distro these days is much more keyboard friendly and accessible than a mac.. They also have far far better eye candy (courtesy compiz) than mac.. I use both mac and opensuse.. and opensuse has completely eaten up mac in terms of UI Looking forward to dump the mac.

  2. I’m using the ProFont from Tobias Jung.

  3. @Venky: Well, Unfortunately pre JDK6 you wont have much luck with a Java app and Compiz. I haven’t had much of a look at openSUSE. But KDE4 promises a lot, though I still think Apple’s font rendering is the best.
    @Oliver: Thanks for sharing!

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