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Monthly Archives: April 2008

It was a long weekend here in India, and that provided me some time to add some shortcuts which will help users who author XML documents using NetBeans. I wrote a plugin which will add some context sensitive actions to the XML editor. I have just managed to add one action (Delete current attribute), but more are on the way. Actions planned are:

  • Jump to parent tag
  • Jump to next sibling tag
  • Jump to previous sibling tag
  • Jump to end tag (if at start tag)
  • Jump to start tag (if at end tag)
  • Jump to next attribute in a tag
  • Jump to previous attribute in a tag
  • Delete current tag (alongwith children)
  • Delete current attribute (alongwith it’s value)
  • Delete value
  • Expand a short tag <a/> into the longer form <a></a>
  • Condense an empty tag <a></a> into it’s shorter form <a/>

I am planning to upload the module on the Plugin portal soon. For now, here’s a screen shot:

Before the action was selected:

After the action was selected (notice the name attribute is gone):