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Monthly Archives: December 2007

After wondering for so many days, where Josh Bloch had vanished… I am rubbing my hands with glee. What a statement he made at JavaPolis. Hats off, Sire, for being the one sane voice in a room full of G’s and A’s who are out to tear Java apart. Thank you, for saying what you did. You do not blog, nor do you go around saying "Closures, Closures" to every corner of this planet. But when you speak, you surely do pack a punch.

I am not a language researcher, I am just a programmer, happy with what I have got in Java. Perhaps I haven’t written a smash hit application like what G’s and A’s have written, but I do know this: I threw away C++ before learning it, and I fell in love with Java. I may be a moron in the eye of  a computer scientist, but I love simplicity. I loved Java for what it was, and what it is, and I surely hate what it is going to be if it gets closures.

Now, I just offer an opinion, coz I have not completely read any closures proposal, but I have seen the code examples. They are horrible. Some, downright crazy. I will hate to write Java code if this mess comes along. Please, please leave my beloved language alone. Go find your own play ground to mess things.

I offer no technical insight here. For an extremely balanced analysis of the scenario, please read this excellent post by Bharath.



I was trying out IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 and came across the XML breadcrumbs feature. The breadcrumbs bar tracks the current position of the cursor in the XML tag hierarchy.


It would be so nice to have this in NetBeans. So here it is (sources to be uploaded soon):