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After my last adventure with XML code completion, I am ready for one more nifty add-on. This one is straight from Eclipse XML editor. When you request completion for an attribute in an XML tag, you might want to add the default value (by default). Such a thing is not provided by NetBeans. However, as with yesterday’s hack, this one is mighty easy to do.

If you have followed yesterday’s post, you know where the sources of the schema aware code completion module reside. When we type CTRL+SPACE for invoking code completion for attributes of a tag, we get a list of org.netbeans.modules.xml.schema.completion.AttributeResultItem objects, each one representing a possible attribute that can belong at the position where completion was invoked. I make the following modifications to the code.

First, I need to find if there is a default value for the particular attribute. So, I add the following code to the constructor of AttributeResultItem:


The getDefaultValue() method is as given below: 


 One final thing. The getReplacementText() method needs to be modified.


That’s it. Now, when you invoke code completion for attributes (after you have compiled your changes and re-run the development IDE), you can see the attributes with their default values.



More XML completion fun to come in the next post! 


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