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Many a times, we have many projects open in the IDE and we want to close all of them, except one. The usual way in such a case is to select all the project nodes using CTRL+A and right click and select "Close XX Projects" action and then re-open the project that you wanted to keep open. Or else, you can select all projects using CTRL + A and then unselect the project you want to keep open and then invoke "Close Projects" action.


I am a programmer, I am supposed to be lazy. So here’s my little creation, an action which lets you close all other projects apart from the selected one. Select a project which you want to keep open, and click File -> Close other projects.


I have uploaded it to the Plugin Portal, and you can download the sources from here.

If you are like me, developing NetBeans modules, then you will like this module. I developed this one in 10 minutes!


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