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Monthly Archives: September 2007

The Java 6 Update N Early Access Program is now live. This is HOT NEWS! I puffed and panted and downloaded the JDK Update N and first thing, took it for a ride to see how the eagerly awaited Nimbus L&F is shaping out. Boy, the results were impressive. I like it more than the default Metal or Ocean L&F and Windows L&F. It’s really cool.

Here are some screen shots of the application that I am building, on Nimbus and Windows L&F. 10/10 for Nimbus, 8/10 for Windows L&F. Maybe coz I am a Sun guy 🙂





I have been waiting for this for a long time. I was at downloading another nightly build and what do I see? Look at the red rectangle. The links don’t work (yet).


The intrepid guys are at work 🙂
The Beta 1 is coming soon! Hurray!