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I have been playing around with the nightly builds of NetBeans 6.0 for about a month now, mainly to keep my Struts2 plugin code up to date with the changes in Netbeans 6.0. I tried out the latest nightly and was pleasantly surprised to find some cool UI upgradations in Netbeans. Netbeans 6.0 is definitely getting a look of it’s own, and identity separate from it’s ancestors (Netbeans 5.x). I absolutely love the new UI work, though it resembles Vista in some ways. But it’s real good nonetheless. Here are some major areas that have been "upgraded" (apart from the well known by now, Welcome Screen):

1. The about dialog. 


2. The application icon (in the window and in the tray). 5.x carried a rather dull improper resolution icon for Netbeans. This one is pretty neat. 



3. The splash screen. What a terrific mix of colors. Really good stuff 




4. The installer looks really neat. 








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