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Me and my friend, Ruchin (he works in a company called Exeter Software), were watching TV at my place. I was doing frequent context switches between watching “The Best of Friends” on TV and digging into Java Swing, 2nd Edition, when all of a sudden, Ruchin burst out saying that he was not aware that I was reading the Java Swing book. He wanted it badly, coz he was having a hard time at work designing a GUI based tool in Java for requirements gathering. He’s a Java EE guy, he said and Swing doesn’t come naturally to him. I almost knew he was using Eclipse.

Ah ha! Off I went, fetched my laptop, fired up Netbeans 5.5 RC1 and gave him a quick demo of Matisse in Netbeans. I had done a small presentation on Netbeans as a part of Sun India University Relations Programme recently, so all the tricks were really on the top of my head. I showed him how one could create a GUI Contact Details form, dropping components like buttons, drop downs, text boxes on the frame and showing him how I was being guided along by Matisse all the way. In 5 minutes, we had a form up and running. He was blown over. He wanted to know more about Netbeans.

After watching the editor features, he said that it was similar to Eclipse (he loved the “Hippie Complete” feature, but I think Eclipse also has it). Then it was show off time again and I showed him The Developer Collaboration plugin in action. As we were running through the features one more friend of mine, Sidharth joined in. We did a small remote code review session. The guys were mighty impressed.

Now Ruchin wants to get his hands on Netbeans as soon as possible! It’s easy to understand why innovation matters, isn’t it?

Btw, It’s almost Diwali time here in India. The festive season is coming! Wishing all of you a very happy Diwali! 🙂


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